Focus: Production of green lighting fixtures.

The company is located in Lanxi, an industrial town with beautiful scenery and traffic Jetta in central Zhejiang. The geographic advantages and convenient transportation of Ningbo Port in the east and Shanghai Port in the north have created excellent conditions for the company’s export business. The export volume of products has increased year by year, and it is located in the forefront of the local industry.

The company was founded in 1994. After 16 years of hard work, Infinity Scene Lighting has grown from a workshop-style small factory that originally produced a single small bulb to a modern factory building of 5,500 square meters. It has advanced automatic production line equipment and various high performances at home and abroad. Testing equipment, commissioning equipment, a professional manufacturer of energy-saving lighting fixtures with outstanding scientific research, management team and solid technical workers.

The company’s flagship product, LED, energy-saving lamp models from the power of 3W-300W should have, energy-saving lamp models, including a variety of U-shaped, spiral, plum, lotus, bubble type, reflective, gourd-type and many other types. LED models include LED bulbs, corn lamps, fluorescent lamps, ring lights and other lighting series. The products are well-made and excellent after-sales service. They are sold all over the world, especially tailor-made services, which can meet different customer needs and are well received and appreciated by customers.

Honor Certificate

With the continuous growth of the company, management will also be standardized, the company has passed ISO9001: 2000 management system certification, and fully passed the national CE, ROHS, UL certification.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Facing the 21st century, opportunities and risks coexist, and challenges and development coexist. In the global situation of advocating green environmental protection and the country’s promotion of energy saving and emission reduction, policy guidance and related mandatory indicators have injected a strong impetus for the energy saving lamp market. Consumers have improved energy saving, conservation, and environmental protection awareness, policies, markets, and industries. Such multi-level promotion has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the LED industry. Infinite Scenery Lighting keeps pace with the trend of the times, takes energy conservation and environmental protection as its mission, and revitalizes the national energy saving lamp industry as its mission. Based on intensified management, it has increased scientific research investment, introduced photoelectric expertise and cooperated with domestic electric light source research base at Fudan University in Shanghai. Electric Light Source Research Institute has signed a long-term strategic partnership to expand the space for product innovation and quality improvement.

At present, the company has opened branch offices in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Mexico countries. The company has entered a virtuous track of rapid development.